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  1. Thanks, I'm going to think a bit on shared memory, but probably going to start trying my own channel with a bus model. It was very helpful.
  2. I am trying to design a simple system in SystemC. Its just for educational purposes. Basically, I have a module Random, that generates random numbers, and a module Square, that takes a number and give back its square. Its ok when I have only 1 object of each module active. But how sould I do it if I have 2 instances of Random trying to use 1 instance of Square? I was trying to write in Square just 1 port in and 1 port out. But it is not allowed to have a FIFO with multiple writers. Im quite confused on how I should implement this. My current idea (which I feel is not right) is to write my own channel (that will have multiple primitive channels inside) and will work to join all data received from this primitives. Thanks
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