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  1. it could also mean there can be a dynamic sensitivity. Dynamic sensitivity is defined within the method/thread definition
  2. hi, sc_event_queue is not sc_event. in the example above instead of declaring event_1 as sc_event declare it as sc_event_queue event_1; what it does is whenever you notify the event_1, it adds/list it in queue. so you don't miss any event happened on event_1. but you can't list the immediate notification(meaning event1.notify() won't list anything in the queue as it is immediate. event1.notify(sc_zero_time) will work. not sure, whether it was your question. thanks, sudha.
  3. I guess one of the argument passed to the Sc_spawn was killed/not available. It is important that the argument passed to the sc_spawn is available throughout the lifetime of the spawned process. If not it will cause the return value to be zero/segmentation fault (because the sc_spawn is attempts to access the invalid storage)
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