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  1. I think that yours issues was fixed in new UVM 1800.2-2017


    Note that UVM do not support 8 bits wide memories mapped into map with 32 bits word when byte addressing is off

    you will got on 1800.2:

    KERNEL: UVM_WARNING uvm_reg_map.svh(1558) @ 0: reporter [UVM/REG/ADDR] this version of UVM does not properly support memories with a smaller word width than the enclosing map. map tst_reg_blk.test_reg_map has n_bytes=4 aub=4 while the mem has get_n_bytes 1. multiple memory words fall into one bus address. if that happens memory addressing will be unpacked.


     For some reason, when I use:

    +assertaction:off +event+vacuous+pass

    It turns off the pass action block for both non-vacuous and vacuous.

    vacuous means vacuous pass

    pass means both vacuous and non-vacous fails


    So if you use +event+vacuous+pass you are switching off vacous passes and also you switch of all passes as a result all passes are switched off. Command you are using works well.

    If you would use +event+vacuous+fail you will swotch off vacuous passes and all fails. (there is no vacuous fail)

  3. What exactly you want to do?


    This will disable vacuous pass actions

    asim +assertaction:off +event+vacuous


    This will disable all pass actions (vacuous and nonvacuous)

    asim +assertaction:off +event+pass


    This will disable all fail action

    asim +assertaction:off +event+fail


    This will disable all fail and vacuous pass action

    asim +assertaction:off +event+fail+vacuous


    I can just guess that you do not have any assert fail in you design so

    +assertaction:off +event+pass+vacuous

    will turn of all action for you, if you'll have any fail then it still would be on



    +assertaction:off +pass+vacuous 

    will turn of all - as you missed +event which is obligatory do define events on which you want do define on/off. This command is just "+assertaction:off", "+pass+vacuous " is simply ignored


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