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  1. Thank you so much Roman and Philipp. Appreciate the work around suggested. Please can I know which release would contain this fix ?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response. In lined is the test case that fails to compile. #include "tlm" #include "systemc.h" class slave : public sc_module { public: sc_port<tlm::tlm_fifo_get_if<int> > target_port; SC_HAS_PROCESS(slave); slave(sc_module_name nm) : sc_module(nm) { SC_THREAD(run); } void run() { for(int a = 0 ; a < 20 ; a++) { int b; target_port->nb_peek(b); std
  3. Hi, I am seeing a similar issue as mentioned in the thread below with the tlm package shipped with SystemC-2.3.2 and SystemC-2.3.1. https://workspace.accellera.org/Discussion_Forums/helpforum/archive/msg/msg?list_name=help_forum&monthdir=200802&msg=msg00013.html Are the suggestions made by Alan the only options to work around this issue ? Would this be fixed in the official tlm release ? Thanks in advance for the help/suggestions.
  4. Hi, With the writer policy set to SC_MANY_WRITERS, the following code in sc_signal.h ends up calling request_update() because policy_type::needs_update() always returns true for SC_MANY_WRITERS though there is no value change This is different from SystemC-2.3.1. Is this an intentional change ? I looked through the LRM but did not come across anything that mentions about this. 289 sc_signal_t<T,POL>::write( const T& value_ ) 290 { 291 // first write per eval phase: m_new_val == m_cur_val 292 bool value_changed = !( m_new_val == value_ ); 293 if ( !polic
  5. Ameya, I was using "CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (AltArch)" for the aarch64 build. Here is the ABI specification for gcc-5.4.0 that I was using. #define __GXX_ABI_VERSION 1009 Thanks.
  6. Than you Joshua. I missed this update. Just applied the patch and it works fine. Appreciate the help.
  7. I had gcc-4.8.5 available on the ARM machine we are using. I could reproduce the crash with gcc-4.8.5 as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  8. Thanks for the quick response Philipp. Configuration options for the library: ../configure --prefix=/path/to/install --enable-debug --disable-silent-rules --disable-optimize The only warning that stands out is : libtool: compile: g++ -DSC_INCLUDE_FX -DSC_BUILD -I. -I../../../src/sysc -I../../../src -Wall -g -pthread -MT kernel/sc_thread_process.lo -MD -MP -MF kernel/.deps/sc_thread_process.Tpo -c ../../../src/sysc/kernel/sc_thread_process.cpp -fPIC -DPIC -o kernel/.libs/sc_thread_process.o ../../../src/sysc/kernel/sc_thread_process.cpp:107:34: warning: 'force_align_arg_
  9. HI, I am seeing a crash with an aarch64 debug SystemC-2.3.2 build (built using gcc-5.4.0). The crash is somewhere in the quickthreads code. Would appreciate any help resolving this. Below is the test case I am using with gcc-5.4.0 #include "systemc.h" SC_MODULE(top) { void thread() { cout << "thread executing ..." << endl; } SC_CTOR(top) { SC_THREAD(thread); } }; int sc_main(int argc, char** argv) { top t1("t1"); sc_start(10, SC_NS); return 0; } Thanks
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