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  1. Hello Sir, I am new to the integration of SystemC and UVM components using UVMC library from Mentor. I have compiled the separate library for uvm and uvmc connect library. But with the same target. Like this: UVM_LIB = /home/lap2/Desktop/tool/questasim/verilog_src/uvmc-2.3.0/lib/uvmc_lib UVMC_LIB = /home/lap2/Desktop/tool/questasim/verilog_src/uvmc-2.3.0/lib/uvmc_lib My project directory is work created by default. I found difficulty in while linking the library with the project library. My Makefile is like this: rm -rf work vlib work vlog -64 -novopt -sv +incdi
  2. Hello Team, I am new to the cadence tool and using ncsim 10.2. I have to compile and simulate the .SV and uvm environment. Please suggest steps for running the ncsim for the first time. The error i got is: ncsim: *F,NOSNAP: Snapshot 'top_testbench.v' does not exist in the libraries. Please help and guide. Regards Sunil.
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