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  1. Hello, I am working on a model where I am attempting to encapsulate ports. The following code groups sc_in/sc_out ports together based on what bus they belong to. Then I can use arrays to declare the desired number of each type of bus. template <typename T_ADDR, typename T_DATA> class ReadBus { public: sc_in<T_ADDR> address; sc_out<T_DATA> data; }; template <typename T_ADDR, typename T_DATA> class WriteBus { public: sc_in<T_ADDR> address; sc_in<bool> wen; sc_in<T_DATA> data; }; class someblock<T_ADDR, T_DATA, n_rp, n_wp> : public sc_module { ... public: sc_in_clk clock; ReadBus<T_ADDR, T_DATA> read_ports[n_rp]; WriteBus<T_ADDR, T_DATA> write_ports[n_wp]; ... } The model compiles and simulates fine but I am wondering if this is synthesizable? It isn't clear to me from looking at the public draft of the synthesizable subset if this is supported. I don't have access to any vendor tools at the moment or I'd try it directly...
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