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  1. Although the public review is over, I thought it might still be useful to report the issues I had: The configure script was not present, so I needed to generate it first. It did not work with systemc-2.3.2 CMake build, UVM-SystemC wanted libsystemc to be in ${SYSTEMC_HOME}/lib-linux64 while it is in ${SYSTEMC_HOME}/lib64.
  2. IEEE 1666-2011 describes wait(int ) as follows: If my interpretation is correct, wait(3); should always be equivalent to wait(); wait(); wait(); However, after applying such an equivalent transformation to tests/systemc/kernel/reset_signal_is/test02/test02.cpp from the regression suite, I got a different simulation output (with systemc-2.3.2): Is this possibly a bug in the reference implementation?
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