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  1. Hello Mark, Thank you for reply. Ok I got it. Best regards, Emna
  2. Hi, I am trying to extract a vendor extension using the TGI API. I used the getVendorExtensions() function but it returns all the xml of the vendor extension. Please do I have to write code to extract the value of my attributes or did I miss some predefined function to do so ? Best regards Emna
  3. Hello Mark, Thanks for reply. I got it. In my case, I need this file to be used by a generator to extract some data needed in code generation later. May be I should write some code in the generator to make the extension understandable. (?) (since within the tool I'm using, a vendorExtension element may only have child values and attributes) Best regards, Emna
  4. Hello everyone, I want to make reference to a file (.h or .xml) within a vendor extension elment. Would anyone please tell me if this is possible ? This file will aim to configure a componentInstance/vendorExtension element. Thanks and best regards, Emna
  5. Hi Erwin, Thank you so much for your time and effort. This is helpful. Best regards, Emna
  6. Thanks Erwin ! What if a different c++ object is proper to each instance of the same component in the design. Best regards Emna
  7. Hi guys , I'm representing a systemC TLM platform in IP-XACT, I finished with systemC modules. Now, each systemC module representing a functional hardware block has to be attached to a c++ object in order to represent some non functional information. Please, is it possible to represent this information within IP-XACT ?? Thanks
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