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  1. Hello all, I am trying to model a simple PLL in SystemC as well as SystemC-AMS. Currently i am working on Charge Pump part of it. But i am seeing an error during execution. I am able to make all the files. But when executing the .exe file, the error of sca_linear_solver is seen. Have seen posts in this forum on similiar errors. But those were involving inductors etc. which needed to have initial conditions mentioned i suppose. I have tried the initial conditions in my components like off_state in sca_eln::sca_tdf_rswitch or the frequency of the DC source. Attached is the snapshot of the error and source codes. Please help to rectify the error. Thanks, Shashank DUT_CP.txt DUT_CP_tb.txt main.txt Makefile.txt Makefile_defs.txt
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