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  1. Thank you guys for your answers ! It was a debugging symbols issue.
  2. Hi guys, I am having some trouble with GDB and the SystemC library. I have searched for similar topics but couldn't find anything relevant. Here is the case: I have a message_queue.hpp which inherits from a message_queue_if.h interface and the message_queue_if.h inherits from sc_core::sc_module. When I use the SystemC library (debug version), I do have access to the debug data (gdb and Eclipse) for the members from my message_queue.hpp AND message_queue_if.h files. But when I use the release version of SystemC, I have access only to the members in my message_queue .hpp file. The debug data for my interface (message_queue_if.h) shows : <No data fields> within GDB. Here is the output: Debug: $1 = {<cf_core::cf_message_queue_if> = {<sc_core::sc_module> = <cf_core::cf_multiple_wait_if> ....... Release: $1 = {<cf_core::cf_message_queue_if> = {<No data fields>} .... Is it because gdb lacks of symbols for the SystemC library ? Thank you for your help.
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