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  1. hi, Thanks for you suggestions/time & sorry for the late reply. After doing the profiling, figured out the there is a configuration issue with & without backdoor simulations. In frontdoor simulation we are enabling few clks but where as in bkdoor sim we are enabling all theSOC clocks. After correcting this we see SOC sim time improvements in back door sims. Thanks a lot for the support. Regards, Vithal
  2. hi, ok, for vcs i am using the following access options: $init_signal_spy call=Mhdl_Xmr_call check=Mhdl_Xmr_check acc+=rw:* acc+=rw,wn,frc:* acc+=cbk:*
  3. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. tried vcs mem/time profiling but not able to analyse it correctly as the report is a summary at the end of the sim, instead of which sim time it took more mem. I tried with MTI also and seeing the same perf issue, so it is not tool issue, it is UVM issue(collecting the garbage/cleaning the unreferenced object not cleaned) following is my test data: Front door: test took 1.8ms sim time and 1hr 6mins wall clock time. backdoor sim: 0 -- 114usec --> backdoor init configuration done -->took ~10mins --> after this deleted the regblock(reg_env has associative array of reg blocks objects till this time & deleted at this time) 114 usec -- 660usec --> test complete. (basically init configuration was taking 1.2ms in front door) --> took 2hrs wall clock time >>this sounds as if the backdoor usage has disabled general simulation optimizations. since the backdoor requires vpi/hdl access you simulator might provide option to finetune performance. yes I guess this is the issue, how to disable this sim access once my backdoor is done? Thanks a lot for your reply & support, Regards, Vithal
  4. I am trying to use uvm reg in SOC to load initial programming of clocks & other csr programming by backdoor loading, it reduced the simulator time but the wall clock time is increased much compared to the frontdoor programming. Removed uvm reg factory registration for all the regs, removed all the fields, replace create with new and only kept hdl_paths & memory map related assignments, now the wall clk time is reduced by 50% but still backdoor sim wall clk time is more than the fron door. tried assigning null to the ral_env once the backdoor programming is done still no change. Any one has faced this problem? any solution to over come this? following is the tests sim data: with frotdoor --> took 3msec --> 1hr30mins with backdoor(+with all the above optimisation) --> took 2msec --> 3hrs (sim till the backdoor completion took only 14mins, but rest of the sim perf is badly affected) My basic question is , once my backdoor is done, i am assigning null to the ral_env, is the ral_env obj not going into auto garbagecollection and not freeing the memory? We have total 850 registers in my ral_env, all the regs doesn't have any fields also. Adavance thanks for your input/suggestion. Thanks, Vithal
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