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  1. I am using Cygwin to run my commands in a Windows system So from bash prompt I am runnning the command.So Vsim opens in GUI mode and starts executing my script. vsim -i -do "source my_script.tcl" I am running a vsim command like this vsim -novopt -assertdebug -sv_seed random -coverage -onfinish stop -c -do "echo $Sv_Seed; add wave -r /*; run -all; coverage save -onexit ./coverage_database/my_test$Sv_Seed.ucdb;" my_top -l ./sim_log/my_test$Sv_Seed.log +UVM_TESTNAME=my_test +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_LOW But I am getting a message in questasim Warning: Ignoring nested -do argument: This
  2. I am trying to run a couple of test cases using script.But I am getting an error message after running the first test case.This stops the simulation.I am attaching the LOG with this mail.I don't understand why this is happening. I checked previous posts and added +UVM_OBJECTION_TRACE in the vsim command.But I am not able to find out the cause of the error.Can anybody help me?? # UVM_INFO @ 0: run [OBJTN_TRC] Object uvm_test_top raised 1 objection(s): count=1 total=1 # UVM_INFO @ 0: run [OBJTN_TRC] Object uvm_top added 1 objection(s) to its total (raised from source object uvm_test_top)
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