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  1. Ok thanks o lot for your precious help. I have managed to run succesfully the switch in systemc according to its specifications. One more question... Is there any way to implement the switch in VHDL consdering that i have the SystemC code??? Regards Stavros
  2. Ok Thanx a lot!!!I solved it following your advice!!But what was the problem???
  3. Hi to all!I am trying to build a packet switch for a project i am assigned and i have the following errorS 1> switch_clk.cpp 1>c:\systemc-2.3.1\systemc-2.3.1\src\sysc\datatypes\int\sc_nbutils.h(149): error C4996: 'sprintf': This function or variable may be unsafe. Consider using sprintf_s instead. To disable deprecation, use _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS. See online help for details. 1> c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 12.0\vc\include\stdio.h(356) : see declaration of 'sprintf' 1> switch.cpp 1>c:\systemc-2.3.1\systemc-2.3.1\src\sysc\datatypes\int\sc_nbuti
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