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  1. Hello, I'm trying to implement an AXI Slave VIP and have few questions regarding the implementation. In this case, the DUT is the master. The AXI Slave checks the interface for valid read /write signals and performs a read/write operation from a memory model. It returns back the write response/read data back to the DUT. 1. Since this is a slave VIP , do I need a slave sequence which runs forever sending transactions to the driver ? This is similar to the UVM example where the monitor and sequencer are connected by an analysis port and the sequence calls the peek function to check if a valid transaction is available from the monitor. (OR) 2. Can I skip the sequence/sequencer part and just connect my monitor and driver using an analysis port and pass on the observed transaction from the monitor to the driver for further action ? (OR) 3. Im thinking of a 3rd alternative of just using the monitor to the observe the interface and drive back the write response/ read data back using the monitor itself and leave the driver empty. Please let me know your valuable thoughts and suggestions. Thanks, Madhu
  2. Hello, I am new to UVM and I'm currently working on migration from VMM to UVM. A lot of the xactor files have this "wait_if_stopped" method implemented in them.I find that there is no direct analogous usage to vmm_xactor's method "wait_if_stopped" in UVM. Could anyone please tell me how to implent "wait_if_stopped" in UVM or are there any built in methods for it? Thanks in Advance!
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