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  1. Hi Alan, is there any other keyword instead of sensitive? which could be used, to achieve the desired output . thanks
  2. Hi, i was trying to obtain a fulladder through half adder. i was able to build and run the program but i find that outputs are not as expected. i feel it must be something to do with sensitivity. could anyone pls suggest that the mistake is. full_adder.h #include "half_adder.h" SC_MODULE (full_adder) { sc_in<bool>a,b ,cin; sc_out<bool>sum,carry; sc_signal<bool> c1,c2,s1; void disp() { cout<<"a="<<a<<endl; cout<<"b="<<b<<endl; cout<<"cin="<<cin<<endl; cout<<"sum="<<sum<<endl; cout<<"
  3. hi gavanvari, since iam very new to systemC .. i might not be able to point exact error, but it seems that u have not added any header in your .cpp file. regards meera
  4. hi Alan, Thanks, now am able to get the output!! but the output appears only in the next cycle.. what can be done for that? thanks
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