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  1. thank you very much for your answer but this error appeared to me in Sev example, even in the compilation of the model given in this link and also in the compilation of another example. PS: SystemC is installed correctly
  2. Bonjours, I am new to systemC and i have ubuntu 12.04 and systemc 2.3 I was trying to run this example code from this link but there is an error I cant resolve. Can you please help. This is the errors I get. test_shift.cpp:51:16: error: no matching function for call to `sc_start(int)' test_shift.cpp:51:16: note: candidates are: /usr/local/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_simcontext.h:106:13: note: void sc_core::sc_start() /usr/local/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_simcontext.h:106:13: note: candidate expects 0 arguments, 1 provided /usr/local/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_simcontext.h:17
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