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  1. Thanks for the reply Alan. Actually, 'value' is not a field inside ABC. ABC itself is a field inside Reg2. The only way the VCS lets me assign or reference values 'placed' on random variables is by doing FIELD.value.
  2. Hi All, I am using system verilog constraints framework to randomize bunch of registers for my design. Each register has few register fields & all of them are declared as a 'rand' variables. In below case, in my original source-code of constraints, I have declared ABC as 'rand' variable along with XYZ variable. However, when the constraints are getting solved, at the state of failure, ABC is given a value of 1'h1. even though my source code says, 'solve Reg1.XYZ before Reg2.ABC' ---------- Source-code: ---- solve Reg1.XYZ before Reg2.ABC; Reg1.XYZ.value == 0;
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