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  1. hello i got that but would like to know what exactly happening. see class A:public sc_module{ public : A(){ SC_THREAD(funcA); } SC_HAS_PROCESS(A); void funcA(){ funcB(); } void funcB(){ wait(100,SC_NS); } } Now funcA is a thread thus registered with the systemc scheduler. what about funcB it is a C++ based function having wait whether it gets registered with systemc kernel since a normal c++ function cannot suspend.
  2. Hello all, I have doubt regarding use of c++ function inside systemc threads. It is said that a normal c++ function which is declared in a class inherting systemc module and called inside the thread of that class shall be executed based c++ kernel simulation not on the basis of systemc scheduler therefor it won't wait for an event or time if introduced in it. Is that true ? But in my code nothing as such is happening the function is waiting for time introduced in it. Regards.
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