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  1. I want to monitor the time spent on AMS building the R&C network, I put the command before and after the initialize() function in systemC sc_simcontext.cpp file: struct timeval t0; struct timeval t1; float elapsed; gettimeofday(&t0, 0); initialize( true ); gettimeofday(&t1, 0); elapsed = (t1.tv_sec - t0.tv_sec) * 1000.0f + (t1.tv_usec - t0.tv_usec) / 1000.0f; std::cout << "SystemC Initialize Time: "<< elapsed << "ms" << std::endl; But I think this time is not the time spent on initializing the R&C network... I checked the sca_simcontext.cpp file, I found the class systemc_ams_initializer : sc_core::sc_module, but I didn't find which functions for invoking start to building the R&C network... Or should I monitor the function void sca_synchronization_alg::initialize() in sca_synchronization_alg.cpp file? Where I can put the gettimeofday command to evaluate the time spent on building(initializing) R&C network? My target is to evaluate the proportion of initialized time on the total simulation time. Thank you for sharing your idea.
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