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  1. Hi, I am referring to the Whitepaper: http://www.accellera.org/resources/articles/amsdynamictdf I tried to call the "allow_dynamic_tdf()" function in the set_attributes callback but it looks it is undefined. I have systemc-ams-2.0_beta1 Version installed. I thought this proof of concept already includes the dynamic tdf MoC. Or do I have the wrong understanding? Thanks! Ismael
  2. Hi, I am currently considering to enhance a virtual prototype TLM model with AMS models mainly in order to add more accurate models of the power management part including accurate battery model, voltage regulator control loops... We have stringent simulation performance criteria for the virtual prototype since it needs to run SW on a complex HW model. If we just use simple ams2de ports to interface the tlm part with the AMS model we risk to brake the whole VP simulation. I am missing some guide to properly define the interface between the AMS part and the TLM part. I found attached screenshot from SystemC AMS extension - alignment with SystemC-TLM Workshop slides which depicts an approach to define that interface. However I am not so clear about how it can be implemented. The question here is: Is there any implementation guide or source code template for a simple example on how to define the interface between AMS and TLM? @Martin: I would really appreciate any hint ! Many thanks! Ismael, systems engineer big semiconductor company
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