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  1. Sorry, but this question is related to SystemRDL, but there is no discussion board for that, so I post here that is the closest. IP-XACT addressBlock has a range attribute that I can define and leave some space at the end of the addressBlock. I would like to do something similar in SystemRDL. I tried defining a regfile (no associated a top-level RTL), but I cannot see an equivalent range attribute. Then I thought about using an addrmap (although it has an associated RTL view), but again that one does not have a range attribute either! How do I leave some reserved space at the end
  2. Is the grammar for P1735 publicly available or do you need to be a contributing member? -- Amal
  3. What happened to the TGI.WSDL in 2014? There 2009 WSDL version is here: http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/SPIRIT/1685-2009/TGI/TGI.wsdl Is there plan for Accellera to provide this WSDL in the future? -- Amal
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