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  1. Thank you dave. So I guess I can run driver in run_phase, init sequence in a phase before main phase, ask developer to run user phase in main phase. This sounds working. Regards, Wenkai
  2. But the driver is running mainly in main phase, so run init sequence in the phase before main phase may not work. I have not tried that yet. Wenkai
  3. Thank you very much, Dave. This is similar to run sequences in sequential way and it enforce a requirement for test developer. Is there any other way that test developer doesn't have to know and start the initialization sequence? Thanks. BR, Wenkai
  4. Hello, I have an initialization sequence which should be started first. Only upon the completion of this sequence, other test sequence can be started. For test developer, they don't have to know this sequence. they don't have to start this sequence in their test, how can I make this initialization sequence start first and transparent to test developer? Thanks. Regards, Wenkai
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