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  1. Hi, I looked again at that webpage. I guess you copied the text from the webpage, which is wrong, and didn't use the tar file: sc_start(1); which should be sc_start(1,SC_NS); This causes the compile error you see. So please correct these 2 sc_start() calls. In the tar file it is correct. Best regards, Gino
  2. Hi, I tried the example from that page: http://comelec.enst..../test_shift.tgz It compiles and runs fine in my case. ( 64bit CentOS6.2 and SystemC 2.3.0, gcc 4.4.2) Did you install SystemC 2.3.0 correctly? After untarring I edited this line in the Makefile to point to my SystemC 2.3.0 install SYSTEMC = /home/ginov/Desktop/systemc-2.3.0_install/ Next type gmake , it makes simulation.x Which you can run with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path to your SystemC lib> ./simulation.x Could you check your SystemC 2.3.0 installation? Best regards, Gino
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