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  1. Hi Philipp, yes, I was reading the port within the constructor of the RF module. I moved it into a SC_METHOD and now everything is working fine. Thanks a lot for the help. Cheers, Roberto
  2. Hi, I'm fairly new to systemsC and I've a problem with a port binding that I cannot solve. In fact, I cannot understand why it consider a port as not bound. I checked other threads about binding errors, but I dind't find a solution for my case. the module I created is the following: SC_MODULE (RF) { sc_in<sc_uint<32> > datain; sc_in<sc_uint<4> > fir_instr; sc_in<bool> clk; sc_in<bool> reset; sc_out<sc_uint<32> > q; and its instance in the main() is as follow: int sc_main (int argc, char* argv[]) { sc_signal<bool> clock; sc_signal<bool> reset; sc_signal<sc_uint<32> > datain1; sc_signal<sc_uint<4> > fir_instr; sc_signal<sc_uint<32> > q; RF FF("SRF2"); FF.datain(datain1); FF.fir_instr(fir_instr); FF.clk(clock); FF.reset(reset); FF.q(q); when I compile the code I get no errors but during the execution I get the following error: Error: (E112) get interface failed: port is not bound: port 'SRF.port_1' (sc_in) my understanding is that it doesn't find the binding for "fir_instr" but I don't understand why. Can somebody help me? Thanks, Roberto
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