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  1. Hi I used to run my systemC program in linux terminal. Now I am trying to use Eclipse as an IDE. I am using Ubuntu 14.4 on a 64bit platform. I followed the steps in INSTALL file. I have no problem in compiling the code but when I want to execute the program I get the following error message: /home/hossein/SystemCEclipse/SystemC/Debug/SystemC: error while loading shared libraries: libsystemc-2.3.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I assume that I have problems in linking the libraries. In Eclipse I have done the following: 1- I have add systemc-2.3.1/include to include paths in GCC C++ compiler 2- I have add systemc in GCC C++ Linker/Libraries and I have add systemc-2.3.1/lib-linux64 to GCC C++ Linker/Library search path any help would be highly appericiated EDIT: After a few try, I finally find the solution! I forgot to configure the systemc library (libsystemc2.3.1) to linux library path here is how to do it: sudo ln -s /usr/local/systemc-2.3.1/lib-linux64/libsystemc-2.3.1.so /usr/lib/libsystemc-2.3.0.so I found the solution in this website
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