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  1. Thanks for the responses .. great to see a quick reply .. Although all off the above suggestions do work .. can run_test() be practically overridden ... ? if so has anyone tried it .. ?
  2. Is there any way in which we could override the run_test function from the "uvm_root" class .. ? The reason i am asking this is that .. when i pass the test name via +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" I could like the run_test to run the test "test1" or some other test based on a different command line option .. E.g. If is send +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" ... run_test should run "test1" but if i send +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" +override_test , run_test should run "test2"... so basically in the run_test() task I could like to have something as below : test_override = uvm_cmdline_proc.get_arg_matches("+override_test",override); if ( override.size() == 1 ) run_test("test2"); else run_test(); Can this be done .. ?
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