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  1. For example, the sequence item random parameter is A. Then the total UVM environment has been set up correctly. I make the test to repeat 10 times and the A should be generated 10 times and driven to my DUT. How can I check each times A in waveform instead of the terminal screen. Because I also want to check other signals, for example. The driver port signal, the monitor port signal?
  2. Hi, When I use the automation of register model by register assistant, in the video, it use the command 'vreguvm - gui' to translate the .csv file to register package. But When I input this command, it reminds me 'command not found'. what's the reason of that? The version I use is 10.2c_2. Do I need to install some package? If need, please tell me. I will ask the CAD administrator in my company to install it. And where can I get the csv templates mentioned in the mentor's video? Thanks
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