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  1. Hi, I have an assignment in which I should model an adc. This adc has some 32 bit registers that must be accessed from a header file in order to write or read data from the adc. I have tried doing this by using a pointer, but I get a segmentation fault when accessing it in my program. I know that it is not possible to have custom address in c++ that you can write to. In this case, how it is possible to model such register in systemC? for example in registers.h I have the following #define control_register 0x40038000 and I try to write in some function of a systemc module *((int *) control_register) = 2; So, obviously I get the segmentation fault
  2. The task is to model only the ADC peripheral of the ARM cortex processor (ATSAM3S4A). I have to use the AMS library in order to model the Analog part using timed dataflow. After that, I should connect it to a master module using a TLM interface (blocking or non blocking). This master module should connect to the slave ADC slave peripheral using TLM initiator-target communication. It should perform the following functions through the programmer view: ADC_Configuration, ADC_GetStatus, ADC_GetData. I only need to use the channels 3,5 and 7. Then I should connect Sine, Cosine, and Saw tooth waves respectively using the AMS TDF. The interrupt and timer counter logic is not needed for this task. I should use a header file with the set of registers starting at address 0x40038000 in order to let the SW functions to access the ADC. When these ADC functions execute in the master module, a transaction should be triggered to the ADC slave using the TLM2 protocol. Finally I need to trace the input signals and also the digital conversion of each one in a VCD file. This ADC is 12 bits and it is required to handle single ended inputs. So the question would be, how do I start? I'm a total newbie, I would appreciate any help or clue in order to tackle this problem. Image http://postimg.org/image/lywv5n5b9/
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