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  1. Hello all, I’d like to know How can I specify VHDL configuration (entity/architecture pair) in IPXACT if multiple architecture in the specified VHDL file ?and how I can specify the VHDL source file names ? Or, should this assume only one architecture in one VHDL file ? Can you explain me the concept of Configuration or Configurability in IPXACT. ? (how I select a specific configuration, ...) Best Regards
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to describe conditional statements of RTL ('ifdef,...) in IPXACT ? Another question about memory maps: if a memory map is declared into an IPXACT file, is it mondatory to reference it into a "memoryMapRef" of bus interface ? (otherwise, there is no link between memory maps and physical/RTL objects) Thanks,
  3. Hello Mark, Thanks for the answer. In fact, I want to indicate that a particular port is a clock port. <spirit:port> <spirit:name>clkin</spirit:name> <spirit:wire> <spirit:direction>in</spirit:direction> <spirit:driver> <spirit:clockDriver spirit:clockName="clkin"> <spirit:clockPeriod>8</spirit:clockPeriod> <spirit:clockPulseOffset>4</spirit:clockPulseOffset> <spirit:clockPulseValue>1</spirit:clockPulseValue> <spirit:clockPulseDuration>4</spirit:clockPulseDuration> </spirit:clockDriver> </spirit:driver> </spirit:wire> </spirit:port> Regards, Mohamed
  4. Hi all, Is there a way in IPXACT standard to specify that a port is corresponding to a clock port ? Or we must specify this in vendorExtensions ? Thanks
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