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  1. Thanks a lot Mr Trosten for your reply What I understood from your reply Mr Trosten, is that based on the properties of the SystemC AMS, I can not integrate BSIM model in SystemC AMS, instead I can create my own model based on the R-C-L circuit plus a feedback loop with a TDF module that model the equation between current and input voltages (Vgs,Vds), so that the R-C-L values (the operating point) can b updated, am I right? Regarding the tool that I would choose, actually in my situation I should use SystemC AMS because we already implemented everything using it and submit some paper, but the objective of this paper was to investigate the applicability (proof of concept) of some idea we got before. Therefore we did not give so much care about the transistor model we used (actually our model was too simple, a switch with some parasitics around). Now we want to test the power consumption (both dynamic and leakage components) so we must use some detailed and accurate transistor model such as BSIM's models, and based on the fact that I have already implemented my system using SystemC AMS, then I can not change to Spice or Verilog-AMS simulator
  2. Hi everybody I wonder if someone help me to know how to integrate BSIM transistor models in SystemC-AMS I mean I want to add or create a new transistor module (based on BSIM models) in systemC-AMS to be used like resistance, capacitor, etc modules that are already in SystemC-AMS So I can use this transistor module in my circuit implementation easily by connecting its 3 terminals (gate, source, and drain) to other parts of the circuit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am using systemc-ams-1.0Beta2 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 environment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks in advance
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