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  1. You seem to be probing the transaction response, before driving your transaction :) Since the default transaction status is TLM_INCOMPLETE_RESPONSE, you are getting that message. Try moving the call to b_transport before checking the trans.is_response_error() ...
  2. As Philip suggests above - both SC_METHODS and SC_THREADS have their advantages; and it also depends on the coding style adopted by the developer. That being said SC_METHOD doesn't pay the context switch penalty that is paid when using SC_THREAD. This can potentially speed up simulation.
  3. Hello Paolo, You may try contacting Amit Nene (Linkedin Search: Amit Nene NVIDIA), who led the System Modeling and Simulation Team at Texas Instruments, and championed the adoption of SystemC technology for developing Virtual Platforms for complex SoCs. He should be able to provide a balanced view on the pros and cons of adopting this tech. Regards, Swami
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