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  1. Hi, You can control generation of regmodel by passing option -T/-F to ralgen. Consider the following RALF specificaiton: block blk1 { register R1 {...};}block blk2 { register R2 {...};}system sys { block blk1; block blk2;} 1) To split different block in different files, you can add the option '-F' to ralgen command line. With this option: Instead of generating the complete model into a single file named "ral_topblkname.sv", the generated register model will be split into individual files, one per block. The individual files can then be used in the verification environments of the corresponding blocks 2) To generate register model for only "sys" (top block), you can pad the ralgen command line with option '-T'. The option causes the generation of the register model for the specified top-most block. In the example RALF specified above, this option would generate the model file for the top-most block (system sys) within: "ral_sys.sv". The generated model would contain include directives to include "ral_blk1.sv" & "ral_blk2.sv". It would be necessary to specify either -F or -P to use this option. Thanks, Tarun
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