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  1. Thanks, I downloaded the new spec and the updated Leon2 library. After my XML editor started complaining about one of the files in the new library I ran validation on all xml files and found a total of 12 files not validating against 1685-2014. There are some new files in sub directories like "AHB (from Edwin's laptop) which can probably just be ignored. However there are some new component files with illegal attributes of addressBlock.width and similar issues. I have attached the report to this post. Please have a look. Thanks, Bernd failed_leon2.txt
  2. It appears that congratulations are in order since the new 2014 version of IPXACT has been published on the IEEE website. BTW, since this makes the 2009 version a "Superseded Standard" link to this version no longer works. The old standard is now available for purchase ($210). Please update the third paragraph of http://www.accellera.org/activities/committees/ip-xact/ in section Background with the new link and standard version. Thanks, Bernd
  3. Hi Mark, thanks for the response. It would be very helpful to get access to the updated schema files. I'm wondering if it might be possible to take a look at the draft for the upcoming new version of the standard. Are you planning to share some details before it's release? What's changing? Are the recently released vendor extensions (1685-2009-VE-1.0) part of the standard? Thanks, Bernd
  4. I'm working on an open source project to help with the creation of ipxact xml. When I created test data with multiple instances of alternateGroup as suggested in section 6.10.4 Alternate registers of the spec a learned that this does not validate. Digging deeper I found although the maxOccurs property of alternateGroup is set to "unbounded" the identity constraint on this element prevents multiple occurences. <element name="alternateRegisters" minOccurs="0"> <annotation> <documentation>Alternate definitions for the current register</documentation> &l
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