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    carter got a reaction from Hermanmeds in primitive channel vs hierachical channel   
    As i know, there are primitive channel and hierachical channel in systemC.
    But i'm not sure about should i know both of things?
    If you can, could you please let me know what thing is used for normally in company.
    Also second question is that can be possible use sc_signal and sc_fifo and sc_buffer in one module?
    If yes, what am i caution for using that in one module?
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    carter reacted to NickIlieskou in Multi-threading and SystemC   
    Hello everyone, 
    I was wondering if I could run in parallel a number of processes from different modules using multi-threading in SystemC. Take into account that these processes make use of SystemC elements like signal.read etc, from the SystemC library . That means SystemC library should be multi-threading safe. The reason why i want to use multi-threading is to decrease the simulation time, i.e. increase the performance of the simulation. 
    I found this link: http://www.accellera.org/activities/committees/systemc-language/ 
    that states about recent activities on SystemC 2.3.0:  "  In addition, an improved simulation API and a new thread safety mechanism will allow much better interaction with external tools and support for multi-threading."
    Does it mean, I can parallelize the execution of processes? and if yes how can I do it? 
    Thanks in advance
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    carter reacted to saraswathi.m in start systemc   
    After learning C++ u can look into http://www.asic-world.com/systemc/index.html site.
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    carter reacted to dakupoto in start systemc   
    Hello Sir,
    You would need to know C++ like the back of your hand to
    effectively program in SystemC. SystemC is a ANSI C++
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    carter reacted to apfitch in start systemc   
    There's a tutorial on http://www.doulos.com/knowhow/systemc which is quite RTL like.
    P.S. If you don't know C++, expect to find SystemC difficult :-)
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