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  1. I have a UVM TB with a agent to config the registers of the dut. and another 4 agents for packet transaction。 In my test, I have to write the register first and start the packet transaction later on. the code of the sequence look like: ////////// virtual task body(); `uvm_do_on(my_norm_reg_seq, p_sequencer.reg_sqr); //on clk1 repeat(sent_cnt) begin fork `uvm_do_on(incr_send_pkt_seq_0, p_sequencer.eth_sqr_0); //drvs on clk1 `uvm_do_on(incr_send_pkt_seq_1, p_sequencer.eth_sqr_1); //drvs on clk1 `uvm_do_on(incr_send_pkt_seq_2, p_sequencer.eth_sqr_2); //drvs on clk2 `uvm_do_on(incr_send_pk
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