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  1. Hi, Is there a function in SystemC which returns the time of the next event? Or if not exists how to implement it? For example I have clock model with 1MHz frequency and I run the model with sc_start(100, SC_NS). The next scheduled event is at 500ns. The code looks like this .. sc_start(100, SC_NS); next_time = get_next_event_time(); //get_next_event_time() should return with 500 ..
  2. Im not familiar with GHDL and ngspice. My old account is disabled (125x)
  3. Which problem do you have? But this topic is SystemC.
  4. (1) The SystemC-AMS engine how handle the timing back stepping problem? (2) Could you write it in detail? How can this method handle the timing back stepping problem? PS. Im using the SystemC simulation in dll mode. I created a dynamically allocated instance of top module. sc_start called from the analog engine directly, and the SystemC simulation is paused when an output port changes. I can't login with my previous account, I don't know why..
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