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  1. Hi, I'm using IUS 12.20.004 and trying to probe the UVM hierarchy for post processing in Simvision. Is it possible to probe variables of a task or function which is inside a class? I followed this guide: http://www.cadence.com/rl/resources/white_papers/post_process_uvm_wp.pdf I'm able to see data members of a class (the test class for example), but if there's a task or function inside the class, it isn't probed so I can't see its variables in the waves. Thanks, Eli
  2. Hi dave_59, Thanks for replying. I'm having trouble using your suggested solution. When doing "seq_lib[selected].create_object()", the return type is a uvm_object and not the type T of the parametrized uvm_object_regisry#(T,Tname) class, where T is the sequence type. Since I would like to use the return value inside a `uvm_do macro, it must of the actual sequence type and looks like I have to use casting, which makes the usage of the associative array irrelevant, since I have to do a "case" statement to cast the uvm_object type into a sequence type, according to the enum (associative array key). What is the best way to execute a sequence from the array, assuming I selected a label? Thanks, Eli
  3. Hi all, I would like to give the test writer the a way to select sequence distribution from a sequence list. I'm using the uvm_sequence_library class in order to control the sequences selection in a simulation. I saw that the index of a sequence in the library is determined by the order of sequence registration to the library (using `uvm_add_to_seq_lib macro). Is there a custom way to control the sequences index in the library? use enum or string instead or in addition to the index? I have multiple tests where each can register its own sequences to the sequence library and may change the index value of a sequence. Thanks, Eli
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