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  1. Thank you Philipp for your quick answer. I have finally managed to get it working, but not with the way I wanted. The main problem was in calling functions through ports where I used . instead of -> notation. Here is my solution: Interface: #ifndef FIFO_IF_H_ #define FIFO_IF_H_ #include "systemc.h" template <class T> class fifo_if_in: virtual public sc_interface, virtual public sc_fifo_in_if<T> { public: //fifo_if_in(); virtual void setId(int id)=0; virtual int getId() const=0; }; template <class T> class fifo_if_out: virtual public sc_interface, virtual public
  2. Hi all, I'm a SystemC newbie and I'm trying to build a channel having the same properties as a sc_fifo channel with some parameters integrated like ID (integer value). I tried to define new interfaces derived from sc_fifo_in_if and sc_fifo_out_if implementing my new functions (getters and setters to my integer values) but I'm struggling to get them work since couple of days. The idea is very simple, but I have no clue how to get out with tris problem. Any help is welcome.
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