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  1. Thanks guys for the responses. I did not get any detailed information from SELinux where the offending call was made. However, I found it in the QT source in kernel/sc_cor_qt.cpp. Note the PROT_EXEC flag: void sc_cor_qt::stack_protect( bool enable ) { ... // Enable the red zone at the end of the stack so that references within // it will cause an interrupt. if( enable ) { ret = mprotect( redzone, pagesize - 1, PROT_NONE ); } // Revert the red zone to normal memory usage. Try to make it read - write - // execute. If that does not work then set
  2. As the title says. On CentOS 7.5, x86_64, SystemC 2.3.2, --enable-debug, --disable-optimization, I get an execheap alert from SELinux on sysc/2.1/forkjoin/.libs/lt-test during make check. Also, several tests failed. This does not happen on the non-debug, optimization-enabled make check. execheap is a bad thing. I re-run the entire build and the alert did not show up, and all tests passed, so this should be some transient error. Please have a look where you potentially make heap executable.
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