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  1. please try 'make -f Makefile.questa BITS=64 all' or 'make -f Makefile.questa BITS=32 all'
  2. first, i am using the platform as follows: Install.linux questasim-base.mis questasim-linux_x86_64.mis questasim-gcc-linux_x86_64.mis and add some set in .cshrc file as follows: set path=(/opt/Questasim_Linux10.0a/questasim/bin $path) setenv UVM_HOME /vobs/7510/ITDM/Source/uvm-1.0 setenv MTI_HOME /opt/Questa_Linux10.0a/questasim/ so, you can run the examples in uvm1.0p1 ball as follows: $cd ../uvm-1.0/examples/ integrated/ubus/examples $make -f Makefile.questa BITS=64 all good for you BR
  3. Hi, All Now, I have two questions about UVM-1.0 kit, Would you like to answer them for me? 1. What is the args VLOG_OPT, OPT_C, VSIM_OPT, and OPT_R in the VLOG and VSIM instructions in the Makefile.questa file in the directory $UVM_HOME/examples? 2. What is the purpose of the Makefile file in the directory $UVM_HOME, and how to use it in details? Thanks a lot in advance. QIN Hailiang
  4. yes, but it is suitable for uvm1.0ea!!! there is not run_queta or compile_questa_sv.f in examples folder of UVM 1.0 version, inside of Makefile.questa!!! How can i run it under Windows XP and Questasim 10.0a??
  5. i had downloaded the source code .rar ball of UVM 1.0. I want to run it under the environments that is together with Windows XP and Questasim 10.0a. How should i do? Would you like to tell me ? one step ? two step ? three step ? ....
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