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  1. I've just found out that SystemC-2.3.2 can be compiled with SC_INCLUDE_EXTRA_STD_HEADERS to include <cstring>. This should be used when configuring, right before make. With this, there is no need to modify SystemC-AMS header files. $ mkdir build $ cd build $ ../configure CXXFLAGS="-DSC_INCLUDE_EXTRA_STD_HEADERS" --prefix=/usr --otheroptions... $ make $ make install Cheers.
  2. Hello, SystemC 2.3.2 has improved support for C++11, but with that update, cstring has been removed from systemc.h header file. This implies in a breakage in systemc-ams build because sca_tdf_ct_ltf_nd_proxy and sca_tdf_ct_vector_ss_proxy uses memset and memcpy. A simple fix would be to include <cstring> to both headers: scams/impl/predefined_moc/tdf/sca_tdf_ct_ltf_nd_proxy.h scams/impl/predefined_moc/tdf/sca_tdf_ct_vector_ss_proxy.h
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