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  1. Perhaps this is one of the complications when we try to use software language to model a hardware. Anyway, thanks for the help
  2. I am actually trying to develop a simple microprocessor from SystemC into synthesizable verilog code. The verilog code that shows the need to implement the idea of sign extension is as below: output[15:0] = word? d[15:0] : {8{d[8]}, d[7:0]}; To my knowledge, the datatype declaration for SystemC must be determined at compile time right? i.e. we cannot declare the datatype for d in the verilog as sc_int<8> or sc_int<16>, which is depending on the control signal "word". Hence, in this case, how do we write in SystemC in order to get the corresponding synthesized verilog code?
  3. Hi all, I am a user of Verilog all the while, and I am currently looking into raising abstraction level of digital system design. To start off with, I am trying to convert a project written originally in Verilog into SystemC, and then try to synthesize back from SystemC into Verilog to see the synthesis performance. I am currently stuck with bit duplication in SystemC. For example, in Verilog, we can do bit duplication by using the syntax below: output[15:0] = {8{d[8]}, d[7:0]} I know that SystemC allow for concatenation. However, duplication using 8(d[8]) seem doesn't work in SystemC. Any advice?
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