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  1. Hi Erwin, In an earlier reply, you said that "the 1.5 version was used as input for the IEEE1685-2009 standard" and in the overview of the PDF of the standard there is the standard "based on version 1.4 IP-XACT of The SPIRIT Consortium". Does the IEEE1685-2009 contains information from both 1.4 and 1.5 version ? Thanks
  2. Hi Erwin, I have a doubt about the use of <spirit:parameters> & <spirit:modelParameters> <spirit:parameters> describe parameters used to configure the IP-XACT component. <spirit:modelParameters> describe parameters used to configure the Verilog, VHDL, or SystemC model that is described by the IP-XACT component. So , If I well understand: - If I have an Verilog design and I want to create its correspondent IPXACT component description, I put the parameters of the design in <spirit:modelParameters> - In case of having an IPXACT component and I wan
  3. Hello, 1- While reading IPXACT standard , I am wondering about the purpose of having two references for each bus interface ! : bus definition and abstraction definition . If I understand , each abstraction definition must refer to a bus definition. Can the bus definition be a reference for several abstraction definitions ? 2- Other topic, In TGI, which is the usefullness of the SOAP protocol ? why do APIs don't act directly on ipxact data base (in spite of using of a protocol) ? 3- concercning register and memory map descriptions in IPXACT, is the ipxact description totally extracted from
  4. Hi Erwin, Thanks a lot for your help. I am wondering wich is the difference between "IPXACT IEEE1685 standard" and "IPXACT version 1.4 " (the current version) , is it the same thing ? and does the version 1.4 support all syntax of the versions 1.0 1.1 and 1.2 ? Another question about TGI API, there are commands refering to IDs like "getBusDefinitionID" , "getComponentInstanceID" , .... . Do these IDs refers to elements describeb in IPXACT xml files, so that by executing these commands we get information existing in IPXACT description ? or they refers to other information ? Bes
  5. Hello all, I have a question concerning parameters. In IP-XACT component, what it the difference between <spirit:parameters> and <spirit:mode> --- <spirit:modelParameters> ? Can they contain the same info ? Thanks Van
  6. I have a component with an input port which is directly connected to an output port of the same component. For describing that case, I created an ad-hoc connection with two externalPortReference connecting both ports. However after validating my xml file I am reported an error as internalPortReference is mandatory. How can I do the connection so? The other problem is how to describe inout port in IP-XACT ?
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