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  1. Hello Khushi, Please use the following link for the latest versions of the AMBA bus-definitions: https://silver.arm.com/browse/AR500 In general I agree with the steps you highlight, our IPs are packaged mapping the clocks and resets in the interface. However I don't believe that this necessarily means that phantom ports or components would be required to be able to connect the clocks and resets for these interfaces, however care must be taken. Kind regards, Edwin
  2. You can not connect only 2 'external' ports together on a component using the adhoc connection mechanism. You can however instantiate this component and connect the ports for the instance together using internalPortReferences. The next version of IPXACT will allow for this. To describe a port with direction inout, simply describe the direction as inout. <spirit:port> <spirit:name>portname</spirit:name> <spirit:wire> <spirit:direction>inout</spirit:direction> </spirit:wire> </spirit:port> -- Edwin Dankert Duolog Ltd. http://www.duolog.com/
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