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  1. Thanks dakupoto for your valuable answer. Unfortunately, I can't create my own implementation as I am still learning SystemC and I would like to get a better hold of concepts and then move up. Thanks again for your time and efforts.
  2. I am writing some code that requires me to read a file and then use it as input to the SystemC module. What this means is that I should read a file, say, abc.xxx, and then send its content in the binary form to a port (another way to interpret this: I wanna read a file into the buffer and send this buffer through a SystemC port). Basically, I want to demonstrate that I can "read" any file and perform any operations on it. My questions are: 1) I could use a text file as my input. Read the text file, and store its text contents in a string (using C++, which would be enough for my purposes).
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