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  1. Hi, Discussions are on going to integrate these new versions in the enumeration of fileTypes or with another mechanism. ( Missing recent versions like : VerilogSource-2005 systemVerilogSource-2007 , systemVerilogSource-2009, systemVerilogSource-2012 vhdlSource-2002, vhdlSource-2008) Probably the next version of the standard will integrate it. By the way, there is same discussion around directorySource fileType when managing directory. Regards, Christian
  2. Hello, I would like to describe a complex register. each register is spaced of 0x10 The register is of 4 bytes width and is seen at different address for different operations. ie : register address + 0x0 -> replace whole register register address + 0x4 -> set bits where set register address + 0x8 -> reset bits where set register address + 0xC -> toggle bits where set Initially I was to use 3 alternate registers per register, but addressOffset is not element of alternate register. Only access may be different. So I have to add VendorExtension for addressOffset. Another wa
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