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  1. Hi Tom, I got in touch with the author of pybindgen and he said that the code was too complex for pybindgen to handle. So no, I haven't done anything about it since. Regards, Elvis Dowson
  2. Hi, Has anyone succeeded in generating python bindings for SystemC, using PyBindGen? I've managed to run through the process, but can't seem to figure out why I can't find any classes or functions inside the scanned submodules (e.g. sc_core). I've outlined the procedure that I've followed so far, below. It would be great if someone could help me finish it, but figuring out what's missing. After this, test the installation by typing python >>> import pysystemc The sc_core submodule is present in the pysystemc module, but it doesn't have any classes or methods. Best regards, Elvis Dowson
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