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  1. Can SystemVerilog "dynamic array" and "C point" be transfered through DPI? Thanks.
  2. Where can I download SystemC Master-Slave communication library? Thanks in advanced. benny.mao.sh@gmail.com
  3. Hi, Who has the summary of macro definitions (eg. SC_INCLUDE_FX, ...) in SystemC? Can you tell me where I can find it or send it to me (benny.mao.sh@gamil.com)? Thank you in advance.
  4. sc_fixed<5,5> sx; sc_fixed<4,4,SC_TRN,SC_WRAP> sy0; sc_fixed<4,4,SC_TRN,SC_WRAP,1> sy1; sc_fixed<4,4,SC_TRN,SC_WRAP,2> sy2; sc_fixed<4,4,SC_TRN,SC_WRAP,3> sy3; The simulation results are as below. sx = 9; //sx = 0b01001 sy0 = sx; //sy0 = 0b1001 sy1 = sx; //sy1 = 0b0001 sy2 = sx; //sy2 = 0b0101 sy3 = sx; //sy3 = 0b0111 sx = -5; //sx = 0b11011 sy0 = sx; //sy0 = 0b1011 sy1 = sx; //sy1 = 0b1011 sy2 = sx; //sy2 = 0b1011 sy3 = sx; //sy3 = 0b1011 //The definition in IEEE Std 1666™-2011 is "SC_WRAP, (n_bits>1) The result number shall get the sign bit of the original number. The saturated bits shall get the inverse value of the sign bit of the original number. The remaining bits shall be copied from the original number". So it seems the result should be sy3=0b1001.Can anybody tell me why the result is 0b1011? Thanks in advance.
  5. Page-20 of "SystemC 2.0.1 Language Reference Manual Revision 1.0", "Index 6" of "Table 2. Examples of Fixed-Point Formats" (1) For "range signed" It says [-0.125, 0.109375]. But I think the range should be [-0.125, 0.1171875], because the minimum data is ".1110000" and the maximum one is ".0001111". (2) For "range unsiged" It says [0, 0.234375]. But I think the range shoulde be [0, 0.2421875], because the minimum data is ".0000000" and the maximum one is ".0011111". Whether my understanding is correct? Can anybody give me help? Thanks in advanced.
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