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  1. hi bennygato; In fact i advise you to download "IEEE Standard for Standard SystemC® Language Reference Manual" it help you understanding . hope it help
  2. thx Rahul , I appreciate that But one more question how should I link the ports : I mean if I have N ports and want to link them to this FIFO suppose we have: SC_MODULE(module) { sc_out<bool> exit; SC_CTOR(module) { ... } ~module; } in my main: sc_fifo<int> my_fifo(N); module M1;//suppose have N object type module how to link the ports of the N modules to my_fifo ? thx in advance
  3. Hi there , I am about implementing a directories based cache coherence protocol in systemc But when i try to use the FIFO channel i couldn't know how it works(methods,linking...) can anyone suggest a tutorial or something like I appriciate your feedback; thx in advance
  4. Hi everybody there , I have a "stupid" request i had downloaded a tutorial that request to go under “Downloads->OSCI Standards in the systemc website but when i got there i can't find OSCI Standards could any body help thanks a lot
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