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  1. Hi All, I have enabled transaction recording in my UVM TB using begin_tr() and end_tr() macros in my uvm_driver and I am able to see the bubble in the waveform. But the bubble is not in sync with the time frame when the transaction is passed, Could anyone help me with a reason or solution to this? Thanks, Leela
  2. Hi All, I am using Cadence ncsim. I have an (UVM Verification Component)UVC which is not connected to any DUT for now. It is a simple UVC which just generates few address,Data and READ or WRITE requests. In my Module top I am generating the clock . When I run without GUI, I can print out the the requests which is been generated. Simulation completes at 560NS+50 But I have problem viewing the waveform. Values are only at 560 NS time stamp. Even clock is high only at this time stamp and its blank or says no value available before 560NS. Could anyone help me with this. I dont know what is wro
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